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We provide integrated solutions to government and commercial clients, adapting them to their expectations, needs and operations.


Business round tables and investment and venture capital funds

HOUDING organizes business round tables with private sector companies, educational institutions, business associations and governmental entities in the national and international context, giving them the space to establish business contacts in order to promote the generation of alliances and cooperation between the different market agents; facilitate negotiations between suppliers, buyers and investors; and the creation of new partnerships.

HOUDING’s business round tables allow companies to access new markets, strengthening the productive chain to which they belong.

In addition, HOUDING sets up investment and venture capital funds to support projects that require an injection of capital to become a reality, making it possible for MSMEs and SMEs to access resources for their development.



We are specialists in planning and management of all types of resources: we move and follow goods inside and outside the country, support administrative procedures of our clients, and provide engineering, technical, administrative and logistics support staff that you need.

In addition, we supply different types of items, including customized equipment, promotional items, tactical clothing and items, and personal ballistic protection equipment. We identify the needs of our customers and the best suppliers, and we take care of the logistics necessary for the smooth execution of sales contracts.



In the field of infrastructure, we design and build urban renewal projects, road infrastructure solutions and telecommunications infrastructure according to our clients’ needs.

In addition, HOUDING has strengthened its capacity for supplying and maintenance of areas for work, accommodation and storage, with the implementation of the rental service of modular units and containers adapted as offices, dormitories, kitchens, laboratories, canteens, bathrooms, among others.

Similarly, HOUDING provides camp maintenance and operation services, taking care of the transportation of the units to the camp sites; the rental and sale of electrical plants; the design and construction of civil works; the supply of drinking water and wastewater treatment plants; the design and implementation of lighting and grounding systems; the design and installation of sanitary and hydraulic networks; and the predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance of the locations and equipment supplied.


Security and defense

Our services in the Security and Defense sector include consultancy for airspace control, supply of personal protection products and armor (for vehicles, aircraft and ships), solutions for vehicle access control to facilities, comprehensive security and traffic control systems, and comprehensive permanent surveillance systems. The Permanent Surveillance Systems offered by HOUDING, which provide early day and night recognition, transparent control and total area observation, cover fixed sites and moving vehicles, reaching most of the locations visited by security forces.

Moreover, we work in the Aeronautical Sector providing aircraft maintenance and modernization services, training and supply of operational and technical personnel, supply of aeronautical parts and components, and especially, we offer our Modular Support Program (MSP), designed to meet all the needs of logistic support for scheduled and unforeseen maintenance.


Translation and interpretation

We provide a simple and official translation service for technical and administrative documents in different sectors such as aeronautics, electricity, environment, ICT, culture, health, among others.  In this way, following the principles of ISO 17100, a specific European standard for the development of translations, HOUDING has a quality control mechanism for the provision of this service.

In addition, HOUDING provides online (virtual) and on-site (face-to-face) interpreting services, using professional, reliable and experienced staff, for any type of event such as meetings, hearings, seminars, congresses, etc.


Supply of goods abroad

HOUDING supplies Colombian fast-moving consumer goods to the United States and other countries through its strategic partner Colombian Roots Company.

Distinguishing Factors

Wide contacts network

We have a wide network of contacts in Colombia and the world in our intervention fields.

Logistic service

We provide 24/7 logistic service 365 days a year to meet customer expectations.

Excellent client service

We have an excellent client service system because our clients are the priority.

Strategic alliances

We manage strategic alliances between our represented firms and search for sources of financing for the development of projects.

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