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Innovation and Development

We provide integrated solutions to government and commercial clients, adapting them to their expectations, needs and operations.

Innovation and Development


We provide “Highly Resolute Clinic Systems” (SCAR) which look for the optimization of the health system and improve users’ degree of satisfaction. SCAR consist of PGS Software and Quick Examination Units formed by several laboratory equipment and a command module to allow the attention of patients without long trips, the realization of on-site laboratory exams, the medical definition in a short time and the delivery of medicines in the place of attention.

SCAR, which also can be configured in a mobile version for attention of disabled people, senior patients and patients with difficulty to move (patients in jails, lanes, etc.), provides benefits such as:

Reduction in diagnostic times.

Attention for a greater number of patients.

Relieving of emergency services.

Reduction of sequelae in the patient due to delays in diagnosis.

Reduction of subsequent treatments.

Improvement of the quality of health services.

Innovation and Development


We structure and implement integral solutions for solid waste management, water treatment and the use of renewable energies, offering viable alternatives in the environmental, social and economic aspects.

Our service includes the following processes:

Resource analysis

Obtaining licenses and approval.

Environmental impact analysis

Technical survey.

Project feasibility.

Project development.

Financing and maximization of profitability.

Execution and coordination of the work

Innovation and Development

Satellite Solutions

We are able to offer satellite images of the Colombian territory with application in the fields of cartography, meteorology, agriculture, etc.

Innovation and Development


We carry out training about Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for entrepreneurs and employees; we implement institutional systems and emails and Wi-Fi zones; and we train digital citizens.

One of our work lines in ICT is software development, having a Project Control Software, Company Management Software (SOFTGEM) and Hospital Administration Software.

Distinguishing Factors

Innovative technologies

We work with allies that develop innovative technologies, with products and services specially adapted to the Colombian market.

High impact projects

We undertake projects with high economic and social impact to contribute to the growth of the country.

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