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Improve the efficiency and quality of your business management using the consulting services offered by HOUDING. We provide the advice and skills necessary to help you grow.


Project development and management

Our consulting service in project development and management has the purpose of helping clients to formulate, execute, control, supervise and fulfill their projects’ objectives according to the established goals. Project development and management consulting performed by HOUDING includes, among others, the following services:

Management of projects in all their stages:

scope planning, technical, economic and market surveys, risk control, quality control, etc.

Management of resources allocated to the project, budget, accounting and financing.

Construction of project evaluation indicators.

Likewise, we are experts in formulation and management of Offset Projects and structuring of business models based on Public Private Partnership concept, assuring a successful implementation and sustainability. With this purpose, we base on the mutual collaboration of private companies with their economic and technical contribution, and public sector with the corresponding guarantees.

HOUDING, together with universities and state entities, has formulated projects to be financed with public resources, such as the project entitled “IMPLEMENTATION OF AN INTEGRAL MONITORING SYSTEM FOR PREVENTION, DIAGNOSIS AND FOLLOW-UP OF MATERNAL-PERINATAL POPULATION IN THE DEPARTMENT OF MAGDALENA”, formulated in alliance with the Government of Magdalena and the Central Unit of Valle (Unidad Central del Valle, UCEVA), presented in the Call for the Allocation for STI of the General System of Royalties – Innovation for Productivity, Competitiveness and Development of productivity, competitiveness and development of the territories for the year 2021.


Market opening

HOUDING represents and searches for business opportunities for national and foreign companies, in order to promote and internationalize their products and/or services, providing support and advice in the submission of commercial proposals.

HOUDING, among other aspects, oversees:

Carrying out market analysis to identify business opportunities.

Formulating sales models and commercial proposals.

Promoting the sale of the companies' products and/or services.

Providing advice and support for the participation of its represented companies in contracting processes with public and private entities.

Provide technical, economic, tax and legal advice for the presentation of commercial offers.

Some of our represented companies are shown below:


Contract management

HOUDING provides comprehensive services for its clients and represented companies, taking care of the planning, control, organization and supervision of contracts before, during and after their execution. In this way, HOUDING is in charge of:

Representing companies before authorities and public and private bodies.

Supporting the entire pre, contractual and post-contractual process.

Managing strategic alliances.

Conducting training in public and private procurement with the United Nations procurement system, state entities in Colombia, Brazil, United States, among others

HOUDING has represented companies such as the Corporation of the Colombian Aeronautical Industry (Corporación de la Industria Aeronáutica Colombiana – CIAC S.A.) and the Argentinean company Division Turbos S.R.L., taking care of everything from the research of business opportunities to the different steps necessary for the total execution of the contracts of these companies with their final clients.


Sectorial surveys

HOUDING makes sectorial surveys and develops technical documentation needed by the client, taking charge of providing the qualified staff, software, equipment and methodology needed for the fulfillment of the objectives.

Documentation developed by HOUDING includes, among other, the following topics:

Analysis of budgets and acquisitions.

Analysis of the political, economic, social, technological, environmental, legal, occupational, educational aspects, etc.

Characterization of any sector of the economy.

HOUDING developed the Pilot of the National Qualifications Framework in Air Navigation and Aeronautical Maintenance of the Aeronautical Sector for the United Nations Development Programme UNDP-Colombia, the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Education of Colombia. It was carried out based on a characterization of the aforementioned subsectors, analysis of labor demand and prospects, analysis of organizational and technological trends, for which techniques such as focus groups and the Delphi method were applied, all of which were led by our company’s personnel.


Organizational Analysis

HOUDING provides this service so that organizations can establish a course of operation adapted to the trends of the environment, improving efficiency, strengthening competitive capabilities and increasing revenue. We advise public and private organizations in the implementation of innovative strategies for planning, execution, production control, among others, with the use of cutting-edge management tools.

Likewise, our consultancy in organizational analysis includes:

Process analysis and re-engineering.

Evaluation of resource allocation for the improvement of commercial and logistical capacities of companies.

Strengthening of organizations’ capabilities related to strategic direction, processes, industrial management, innovation and development, digital transformation, human capital, and marketing and sales

Market positioning plans.

Formulation of policies and procedures.

Management of effective business linkages and strategic alliances.

Identification of financing needs that hinder performance in the value chain.

Assistance in closing gaps in performance and operational efficiency requirements and compliance with sectoral standards applicable to organizations.

HOUDING provided consultancy to the Colombian National Navy on the studies and technical designs necessary for the management of the maintenance policies of the physical infrastructure in this institution, from which it subsequently developed the procedures for the construction and maintenance of its facilities.

Likewise, HOUDING has been a provider of innovation services in programs such as Innovation Vouchers of Cundinamarca, Magdalena Innova and Entorno 21, providing training and consultancy on topics such as leadership, business models and global trends, among others.

Distinguishing Factors


Accompaniment and support to the client before, during and after the execution of contracts.

Long career staff

Our staff has a long career in contracting with entities of the Colombian Government

Multidisciplinary teams

We have multidisciplinary teams to respond to the needs of each project successfully.

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