Our consulting service in project management has the purpose of helping clients to formulate, execute, control, supervise and fulfill their projects’ objectives according to the established goals. Project management consulting performed by HOUDING includes, among others, the following services:

  • Management of projects in all their stages: scope planning, technical, economic and market surveys, risk control, quality control, etc.
  • Management of resources allocated to the project, budget, accounting and financing.
  • Construction of project evaluation indicators.
Likewise, we are experts in formulation and management of Offset Projects, and structuring of business models based on Public Private Partnership philosophy, assuring a successful implementation and sustainability. With this purpose, we base on the mutual collaboration of private companies with their economic and technical contribution, and public sector with the corresponding guarantees.

We offer to national and foreign companies the professional advisory and accompaniment to facilitate their participation in contractual processes with Colombian public entities.

The service includes the stages of:

  • Analysis of viability.
  • Management of strategic alliances.
  • Preparation of proposals.
  • Technical, economic and juridical support of proposals.
  • Procedures before contracting entities.

In general, we provide accompaniment during all pre-contractual, contractual and post-contractual process.

To provide an integral service to our clients, in HOUDING we also develop supervision and audit activities in order to guarantee the correct development of contracts and implement corrective actions if it is necessary.

Finally, we offer to the State entities our advisory service in the preparation of paperwork and public offers in any method (direct hiring, merit contest, requests for bids, etc.), taking into account the corresponding technical, legal, economic and financial aspects.

HOUDING makes sectorial surveys and develops technical documentation needed by the client in its intervention fields, taking charge of providing the qualified staff, software, equipment and methodology needed for the fulfillment of the objectives.

Documentation developed by HOUDING includes, among other, the following topics:

  • Analysis of budgets and acquisitions.
  • Analysis of the economic, organizational, technological, occupational, and educational environments, of any sector of the economy.
  • Procedures, quality, operation and maintenance manuals applicable to different types of entities, infrastructures, systems and/or equipment.


We advise public and private entities in the implementation of innovative strategies of planning, execution, production control, among others, using cutting-edge management tools.

Likewise, our consulting in organizational analysis includes

  • Analysis and reengineering of processes.
  • Organizational and structural scheme.
  • Competency evaluation.
  • Formulation of strategic plans.
  • Plans of positioning in the market.
  • Formulation of policies and procedures, among others.

Distinguishing Factors


Accompaniment and support to the client before, during and after the execution of contracts.


We manage strategic alliances between our represented firms and search for funding sources for projects development.


Our staff has a long career in contracting in entities of the Colombian Government.


We have multidisciplinary teams to respond to the needs of each project successfully.

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In order to provide global and quality services for our clients, we have offices in Colombia, United States and Brazil. Likewise, we have alliances with companies around the world, which allow us to have cutting-edge technology, develop products with innovation and have professional advisory.

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