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This fair event is held every two years and on this occasion, once again in person, it was developed seeking the reactivation and development of the aeronautical and aerospace industry, with the main objective that suppliers and representatives of the civil and defense sectors and public and private companies could generate new commercial and business links and present their latest advances and updates in the sector.

An outstanding aspect of the fair were the air shows in which the Colombian Air Force (FAC) Aerobatic Squadrons participated with the KFIR, TUCANO T-27 and ARPÍA 51 aircraft (see video watch?v=N_opugIfs2M), as well as the Águilas de Gules military parachuting team. For its part, the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) was present with the Fumaça Squadron of Super Tucano aircraft and the United States Air Force (USAF) with the VIPER F-16 team, in addition to the skydiving team “THE WINGS OF BLUE ”, who performed majestic maneuvers in the skies of eastern Antioquia. On July 15, the FAC’s Special Air Operations Group (GROEA) surprised with the simulation of an emergency in which two aircraft, rescuers and Special Air Commandos intervened, to demonstrate an effective military operation to search and rescue people, with the primary purpose of “saving lives”.


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In the academic part, different conferences were held that dealt with aspects such as innovation in the aeronautical industry, the development of research projects, the use and regulations for drones and the challenges of airport systems.

It is also worth noting the presence of the FAC showing its aerospace capabilities, materialized in the FACSAT-2 Satellite Mission program, which is a 6U Cubesat-type satellite, whose manufacture and launch into orbit arises as a necessity for the development and strengthening of activities of terrestrial observation that were being developed in FACSAT-1; as well as its advances in Artificial Intelligence applied to space systems and to solving the needs of Colombia. These programs have made it possible to establish the necessary doctrine for mission control of earth observation nanosatellites, which will allow promoting future projects in the space field, likewise, the capture of images of the national territory with satellite sensors that allow studies to be carried out in geology and morphology, land cover and use, atmospheric monitoring and climate change, among other applications.

Another relevant aspect of the Fair was the commercial part and the generation of new business opportunities, which included the participation of different companies from the Aerospace, Technological and Defense sectors, manufacturers and suppliers of goods and services for the aerospace sector in the areas aircraft, ground support equipment, supplies and technical services, aeronautical electronic equipment, aeronautical training and training centers, air tourism operators, fuel and lubricant suppliers, operational and aerospace safety infrastructure, signaling and lighting systems, satellites and monitoring and tracking systems.

HOUDING was part of the commercial management of our represented TEXTRON AVIATION DEFENSE, with whom we continue to promote the T-6C TEXAN II aircraft, which is a next-generation military trainer designed for all levels of instruction, from ab initio to advanced operational training. . The T-6C was specifically designed for a wide range of training capabilities, long-term reliability, and cost-effective operations. These attributes, along with total simulator training solutions, computer-based trainers, and sustainable logistics, make the T-6C the ideal training solution for demanding military institutions around the world. We must highlight that there are already more than 1,000 T-6C aircraft delivered in different countries, accumulating more than 4.8 million flight hours.

The new T-6C+ combines the competition-winning features of the T-6C series with weapons capability through the addition of 6 fixed points on the wings, two of which are connected to external fuel tanks. The C+ series expands the training footprint to include weapons delivery, making it a very cost-effective aircraft for operators.

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Additionally, HOUDING established contact with several commercial companies in the country with the aim of seeking to increase its participation and sales in the international market. We highlight the advances with companies that presented a range of innovative products, focused on virtual training, weapons simulators, and other technological systems.


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