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CIAC launches Fuel Control Repair Shop in Expodefensa 2017

Corporación de la Industria Aeronáutica Colombiana (CIAC, in English: Colombian Aeronautic Industry Corporation) took advantage of Expodenfensa 2017, carried out in Bogota between December 4 and 6, 2017, to launch the certificate of the Fuel Control Repair Shop awarded by Honeywell, client of Houding in Colombia, which was opened on the past November 30, 2017, in the facilities of the Comando Aéreo de Mantenimiento (CAMAN, in English: Maintenance Air Command) of the Colombian Air Force (FAC).

The Repair Shop, which has the capability of DEPOT maintenance of PT6 and RR-C250 engines’ fuel controls, is part of the PEGASO agreement signed by CIAC and CAMAN, and seeks to strengthen capabilities of these Colombian entities and the American Company Honeywell, because it will operate as guarantee and repair station of fuel controls of this brand for Civil aviation and State aviation.

Thereby, Expodefensa 2017 was a very productive event for CIAC, because besides launched the Fuel Control Repair Shop certified by Honeywell, it received certificates from Embraer and Sección de Certificación Aeronáutica de la Defensa (SECAD, in English: Aeronautical Certification Section of Defense) of the Colombian Air Force; signed agreements with everis Aerospace & Defense,  Aertec, SAAB and Corporación de Alta Tecnología para la Defensa (CODALTEC, in English: Defense High Technology Corporation); showed its three UAV: Équites, Quimbaya and Atlante II; besides promoted its other capabilities, related to maintenance, modernization and manufacturing of aircrafts and spare parts, before the Military Forces and Ministries of Defense of China, El Salvador, Mexico, Bolivia, Ecuador and Spain, among other countries.

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Houding participates in Expodefensa 2017

Between December 4 and 6, 2017, Houding participated in Expodefensa 2017, international fair carried out in Bogota that gathers actors of Defense and Security of all the world, among them armed forces, civil defense forces and private sector companies.

In this fair, in which besides finding exhibitions of technology for ground, air and naval defense, were developed speeches about the latest equipment of this industry, Houding had several meetings with important companies of the Sector in order to open business opportunities for both foreign companies in Colombia and for Colombian companies abroad.

The clients of Houding with the best reception during the sixth version of Expodefensa were Honeywell and Textron, two American companies with important defense and security solutions especially related to the Aeronautical Sector. Likewise, Houding achieved to promote capabilities of the Brazilian: Avionics Services; and the Americans: FMC Solutions, T2GS and AVC Laboratory.

Expodefensa 2017, with more than 12.500 Colombian and foreign professional visitors, was an important shop window for Houding and its clients, for which were achieved new commercial relationships and the possibility of gaining new businesses.

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CIAC opens Fuel Control Repair Shop in CAMAN

On November 30, 2017, Corporación de la Industria Aeronáutica Colombiana (CIAC, in English: Colombian Aeronautic Industry Corporation) and Comando Aéreo de Mantenimiento (CAMAN, in English: Maintenance Air Command) of the Colombian Air Force (FAC) opened the Fuel Control Repair Shop. To the opening of the repair shop attended Mayor General José Francisco Forero, Chief of FAC’s Logistical Operations Headquarters; General (RA) Flavio Enrique Ulloa Echeverry, Manager and Legal Representative of CIAC; Brigadier General Luis Eduardo Contreras Meléndez, Commander of CAMAN; Paola Hernández, Latin America Customer Business Sr. Manager of Honeywell; Coronel (RA) Ricardo Castro Pulido, President of Houding; among other civilians and military personnel.

This repair shop, in which DEPOT maintenance of PT6 and RR-C250 engines’ fuel controls can be carried out, strengthens capabilities of the PEGASO agreement, signed in 2006 by CIAC and the Colombian Air Force (FAC) to provide aeronautic maintenance services and develop innovation projects.

Additionally, the Fuel Control Repair Shop is certified by Honeywell, company represented in Colombia by Houding, to provide its services for national and international State aviation and Civil aviation, as repair and warranty station of fuel controls of this brand. Opening of the Fuel Control Repair Shop is the first step in the strategy that Honeywell and CIAC are planning to develop its joint capabilities and continue driving the Colombian aeronautic industry.

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Houding signs an Alliance with the French company ZEST

HOUDING and the French Company ZEST met on the past November 23, 2017, in Bogotá, taking advantage of the visit to our country of Floriant Arot and Charles Legrand, General Manager and Commercial Manager of the last one.

Arot and Legrand came in search of a local partner for distribution of ZEST’s products, among which are different intelligent systems that contribute to relieve problems associated with access to energy, water and internet.

Considering the huge benefits of ZEST’s products for a country as Colombia, in which still exist deficiencies in the coverage and access to basic services, Houding and ZEST signed an alliance with which they search to position to ZEST in Colombia and Latin America, and adjust and develop products between ZEST and Colombian companies in order to industrialize the Country.

The main objective of this alliance is achieving that Colombian companies to manufacture and assemble the most important products of ZEST, which include:

  • Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline Solar Panels
  • Energy Acquire (Ea) Cube: It collects energy from photovoltaic modules.
  • Energy Convert (Ec) Cube: It operates as home electrical network.
  • Energy Storage (Es) Cube: It stores electrical energy thanks to different type of batteries: AGM and Lithium. These three cubes are modular and can be combined to provide power to an exhibition room, a house, a condominium, among others.
  • Eacs Cube: All in one cube that stores electrical energy from solar panels and supply energy to small spaces, being able to replace a generator set or power equipment without depending on the electrical network.
  • WaterRain Cube: It allows to obtain potable water from rainwater and other clear water sources.
  • WaterSpring Cube: It allows to obtain potable water from the sea, rivers and turbid water sources.
  • Water Fountain: It allows to obtain potable water from the humidity of the environment and purify clear water.
  • Connect Cube: It is a solution that guarantees internet access anywhere on the globe. It guarantees connection in the city, countryside, or in the middle of the desert.

The aforementioned would allow Colombia to take part in the restricted market of innovative products, increasing exports and reducing imports, gaining competences in production engineering and training its people in projects of world size.

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