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Avion T-6

Fourth Texan T-6C delivered to the Colombian Air Force

On December 20th, 2021, Textron Aviation Defense, a company represented in Colombia by HOUDING, delivered the fourth Texan T-6C aircraft to the Colombian Air Force at the Military Transport Air Command (CATAM), a military base of the Colombian Air Force. The T-6C was delivered for the nationalization process after a four-day trip from the Textron Aviation Defense facilities in Wichita, Kansas, during which it was flown by a pilot of this company and a pilot of the Colombian Air Force.

The aircraft delivered is part of the modernization program of the new pilot training fleet, which thanks to the diligence of Textron Aviation Defense has completed four aircraft in less than a year.

The T-6C has more than 3.2 million flight hours and more than 900 of them operate around the world for military forces such as the U.S. Navy and the Air Force of the United States, Canada, Greece, Morocco, Israel, Mexico, Argentina, among others. This guarantees long-lasting logistical support for the Colombian Air Force.

With a basic weight of 2,336 kg and a maximum takeoff and landing weight of 3,130 kg, the T-6C, manufactured by Textron Aviation Defense, is equipped with a PT6A-68A engine and a four-blade Hartzell propeller, reaching a cruising speed of 515 km/h and a maximum speed of 586 km/h. Additionally, the Texan T-6C has three liquid-crystal multi-function displays, which provide great safety for the crew and the ability to perform complex missions for better training.

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Images taken from: HOUDING archive


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