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Colombian Air Force will purchase Texan T-6 Aircraft

After an exhaustive process of evaluation of different options in the market, the Colombian Air Force will purchase the Texan T-6C aircraft from the renowned manufacturer Textron Aviation Defense, a company represented in Colombia by HOUDING.

The Texan T-6C were chosen by the Colombian Air Force for their technical characteristics and high reliability, because this turboprop in its different versions is used as a trainer by the United States Air Force, the United States Navy, the Royal Canadian Air Force, the Argentinean Air Force, among other armed forces of the world.

With speed up to 0. 67 Mach, a basic weight of 2336 kg, maximum takeoff and landing weight of 3130 kg, PT6A-68A engine, maximum range of 1637 kilometers without external tanks, Head-Up-Display (HUD) similar to that used by the F-16 Fighting Falcon and FA-18 Super Hornet, among other advantages, the Texan T-6C will become the advanced trainer for the Colombian Air Force in replacement of the Cessna T-37B ‘Tweet’ progressively, starting in March 2021.

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